Table Manners 2.0

When the first Table Manners cipher was held,  no one had any idea it would take off like it did. What started as a Sunday session for turntablists to jam together turned into a scratch event phenomenon. DJ’s ranging from battle champions to bedroom beginners showed up to vibe at the cipher and show off their skills.  Club veterans, radio heads and scratch nerds came out of the wood work to cut, juggle, mix and network across the full spectrum of the music industry’s realest DJs. Co signed coast to coast by legends like Rob Swift and DJ Q-Bert, and fast becoming a routine road stop for DMC champs  to test and flex routines, Table Manners stands out to DJ’s who understand that true mastery of the craft means mastery of self, and that technology is no substitute for dedication, practice and skill.


DJ Detonate(http://www.cuttinclasskidz.com)
Turntables, clubs, and Bass.

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What up Table Manners, keep up the great work, you guys are awesome, its great to see people I know that are making it my friends. Your all very talented, and your all going to do very well, just keep bangn’ out them beats, and scratching up a storm, and I believe in you guys. Your an inspiration to me, as I’m a new DJ, and I’m currently learning Music Production, at Los Angeles Film School, and when I’m not doing school work, I’m practicing with my Mixtrack Platinum, until I can someday afford some actual tables, and a better mixer… lol haha. :) But, ya’ll have inspired me so much, and showed me that anythings possible, and for that, I am for ever grateful. I can’t wait to get one of your albums, and bump that fire, thanks. Keep doing it, MAD LOVE & RESPECT!!! :)

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